Festivities in Garachico.


Los Reyes Magos: At the beginning of the year, on the evening of the 5th January, the Kings come from the East, laden with toys for toddlers. The toddlers applaud and hail the Kings when they speak with Herod at the Castle.




Holy Week: Easter Week is an example of peacefulness, art and silence, with processions four times centenary and religious images sculpted in wood which have come from the hands of the best image makers, not only Canary, but also Andalusian, Castilian and American. Easter Week in Garachico is one of the best in the Archipelago, and this is why its processions are followed by hundreds of people who come from all corners of the Island.


Fiesta del Carmen / Marineros.

Handycrafts Parade weekend.

Fiestas del Cristo (each 5 years – 2015).


Gran Baile de Magos: The regional costume dance is one of the first important acts that take place during the Fiestas of San Roque. It is usually held on the first Saturday before the Pilgrimage. The peculiarity of these dances is the great popular tradition they keep. These are acts that have been celebrated for centuries and have managed to preserve their roots to the full. This is why one of the necessary and essential requirements is to dress in regional costume to be able to take part.

RomerĂ­a de San Roque: Summer reaches its climax or zenith with the Fiesta of San Roque – patron saint of Garachico – in whose honour a multitudinous Pilgrimage is held, reflecting the typical customs of the place. Carts, flocks of sheep and folkloric groups create a multicolour parade, which ends at the shrine of the patron saint.


Leisure activities.


Exhibition of nativity scenes at Christmas. New Years Eve.

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