Fusion of past and present

This manor house was built towards the end of the 18th century by a descendant of the aristocratic Genoan Cristobal de Ponte, founder of the town and port of Garachico. In former days its tower was the permanent look-out of a prosperous and bustling port serving the important commercial route between America and Europe.

In 1992 the Carayon family started to restore and convert it into what is today the Hotel San Roque. The ancient house of Ponte is classified as a historic building, and its original architecture was therefore strictly respected.

The conservation of this historic building, with its grand and elegant architecture and designs now offers a glimpse of Garachico’s past, conveying its tradition and history, as well as an innovative and free spirit in its use of contemporary designs and art works.

Bonos regalo

It was destiny that made us enter this house for the first time in 1990. The short path from the door to the stairs was enough for us to sense that although time had caused serious deterioration of its structure, it had not erased a single trace of its history and we were overcome by an immense feeling of peacefulness. Two years later, we decided to embark (and now we are sure we were right) on the greatest adventure of our lives – the restoration of the Hotel San Roque.

Carayon Family

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