Garachico, Isla Baja.

Garachico is a village located under the forestry crown of the Natural Park of Teide, at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean. In ancient times it was a feudal town and the most important trade port on the Island. The violent eruption of the volcano Arenas Negras in 1706 affected it to the extent of halting the port’s economic development, its main trade engine, but it would re-emerge from among the ashes to preserve what is today a brilliant past patent in its architecture: palaces, manor houses, convents and churches, charming narrow streets with whitewashed houses.

A village which has found perfect harmony between development and maintaining its historic heritage and fishing port tradition. Anyone who likes to be enveloped in some history and give free rein to your imagination will find nooks and crannies in its streets and outskirts to enjoy and dream.

The immense mountain range that embraces Garachico marks the beauty of its natural environment. A trip through open, luxuriant spaces, paths that evoke peace and quiet, routes with a taste of sea and earth in their pure state.

This area belongs to “Tenerife’s secret”, also called “Isla Baja” that knows how to retain the authenticity and historic nature of its towns, as well as the wild beauty of its mountains and coast. The area, made up of the towns of Buenavista, Garachico, Los Silos and El Tanque, makes a unique destination, in a corner of singular beauty. This is “the other side of Tenerife” where there is more than just the sun and the beach.

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Located in the heart of a region called Isla Baja, in the northwest of Tenerife, Hotel San Roque is to be found among the pebbled streets of Garachico, only a few meters from the natural swimming pools, the blue waters of the Atlantic and in the shade of the emblematic Teide.

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