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Barranco de Masca.

One of the greatest charms of the Teno Countryside Park are the “Caserios de Masca” (Masca Hamlets) and the gorge, possibly one of the most beautiful ones on the island. This is a very special activity, as it combines both mountain and sea. Due to the rugged terrain, it is worth taking an organised trip for this activity (Thursday and Saturday).

And this is what we suggest:

You are picked up from the Hotel and taken to Masca. When you get there, you start with a short walk around the hamlets. Then you start to go down the gorge – about 4.5km. After a constant, albeit slight downward slope, you end up at the heavenly Playa de Masca Beach, which can only be reached along the gorge or from the sea. On the beach, you will have the chance to go for a well-earned swim in the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by Los Gigantes Cliffs towering 450 metres above you. And to complete the day: a boat trip with lunch on board while you enjoy the impressive views of the cliffs and maybe catch sight of some of the resident population of dolphins on the way back to Los Gigantes Wharf. You disembark and head back to the Hotel to relax after a day full of experiences.

The Teno Mountains.

The Teno Mountains are a magical place in what is known as “La Isla Baja”. It is a place that maintains the flavour of ancestral local traditions. An old massif sliced through by vertical gorges created the conditions that have given rise to the isolation that has marked the future of different hamlets and the conservation of the rural practices of the island of Tenerife. This is another organised excursion that we recommend if you want to discover traditions in other forgotten places. For three and a half hours, you will enjoy a demonstration of traditional activities, wine tasting and their famous “Teno Cheese”. The guide will help you to discover the many secrets to be found in these mountains and the odd extraordinary surprise.