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Wineries and Fine Dining

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Wineries and Fine Dining

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Tenerife has its own, very special cuisine, based on local ingredients and produce that make it unique: cheese, with a predominance of goat’s-milk cheese, fish, as it is so close to the coast, and the more traditional dishes.

You can alternate the very latest offerings from avant-garde restaurants with the traditional, delicious flavours of the recipes of “our grandmothers” in the famous “Guachinches” – local eating houses – where the genuine Canary Island cuisine is at its most unique.

And you cannot enjoy a good meal without a good wine. The wines of Tenerife have won international acclaim due to the characteristics of our climate, volcanic soil and grape varieties that you will only find here: listan negro, negramoll, malvasía, etc.

We suggest that you discover this rich gourmet culture with a visit to some of the wineries, avant-garde restaurants and the famous “Guachinches”.

We can prepare a route for you, custom-made for your tastes and a daily plan to enable you to discover a world of flavours that will arouse all your senses.