Hotel San Roque - Garachico Cultural Agenda

Garachico Cultural Agenda


1st of January: New Year Concert

The New Year Concert is held in the main square of Garachico in the afternoon/evening of the first day of the year, an unrivalled setting to start the year enjoying the music. The Boutique Hotel San Roque always books a set of seats for its guests.

5th of January: Parade of the Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men: The Three Wise Men arrive with the start of the New Year, on the evening of the 5th of January, loaded down with toys for the kids: kids who applaud and cheer on the Wise Men from the East during their discussion with Herod in the Castle. The whole of Garachico is transformed into one great theatre to recreate the arrival of the Three Wise Men from the East. This is an event that nobody should miss.


Magical memories

Garachico is a place of history and legend. Building on this foundation, the young people of the town recover the memories of our older folk in a work of magic, integration and learning. Several events are organised based on this premise: short films, exhibition of old photographs, talks, etc. It is one way of learning about the rich History of Garachico first hand.

March and April

Religious art Conference

A meeting of professionals of religious art, the exhibition of artistic works and music are the three corner-stones of this conference, which is open to the participation of the general public visiting the town. Concerts are organised in Las Concepcionistas Franciscanas Convent, an austere but solemn place that you rarely get the chance to visit.


Easter is an example of peace, art and silence, with four hundred year old processions and religious figures sculpted in wood by the very best image carvers, not just from the Canary Islands, but also artists from Andalusia, Castile and from Latin America. Garachico is one of the best places in the Canary Islands to spend Easter, which is why its processions are followed by hundreds of people coming from every corner of the Island.

Arts Carrousel

A workshop dealing with the artistic and historic heritage of Garachico, that considers, discusses and draws up documents on conservation and artistic activities are organised in different venues of the historic centre of Garachico, such as art exhibitions, concerts, etc.


Canary Island Environmental Film Festival

For a few days, Garachico becomes the capital of sensitivity to nature and environmental sustainability. All the nominated films are shown during the festival, along with countless workshops on photo-journalism, environmental education, exhibitions, re-cycling workshops, etc. The Boutique Hotel San Roque co-operates actively with the festival organisers.



International Circus and Street Theatre Festival, where artists from different countries organise a cultural exchange between different artistic expressions, with a perfect mixture of humour and circus


Modern Dance Festival

The modern dance festival is held at the end of July. Garachico is transformed and it revolves around this art, which we can enjoy in different venues in the old city centre.

Fiesta del Carmen

Fiesta in honour of Our Lady of Carmen, Patron Saint of fishermen. It is a simple but emotional fiesta that ends up with the figure of the Virgin embarking in a fishing boat and a procession across the waters.

Craft Fair

Craftspeople from the area, and from all over Tenerife, exhibit their hand-made articles using traditional techniques.

Fiestas del Cristo

These are fiestas that are held in Garachico every 5 years. The next time they will be held is in 2020. It is a unique occasion that should not be missed.


Gran baile de magos

The “baile de magos” (a street ball in traditional Canary Island costume) is one of the first important events of the Fiestas de San Roque. It is usually held on the Saturday before the Pilgrimage Procession. What makes these balls different is the long popular tradition involved. These are traditions that have been celebrated for centuries and they have always attempted to conserve their origins. That is why one of the necessary and essential requisites is to dress up in the regional costume in order to be able to participate.

San Roque Pilgrimage

The summer reaches its high point with the Fiesta de San Roque – Patron Saint of Garachico – which pays tribute to the patron saint with a pilgrimage of practically the whole town, reflecting the typical customs of the area. Ox carts, flocks of sheep, folklore groups make up a multi-coloured parade that reaches its destination at the Church of the Patron Saint (Ermita del Santo Patrón).


Gastronomic Landscape

The main objective is to promote good cooking based on the natural products of the island as ingredients, while consolidating Tenerife as a gourmet destination. Garachico revolves around good food, where they hold a “tapas” event, gastronomic and cocktail exhibitions, talks and show cooking. It is a fantastic week for discovering first-hand what we can offer foodies..


Sounds of November

Sounds, which form part of the musical character of these people, are ever-present in this activity. The aim is to create a fusion of different musical styles, triggering an aesthetic experience for the audience. Once again Garachico changes completely to become a place full of concerts, with the collaboration of the Boutique Hotel San Roque year after year.