The Hotel

History and art

“It was fate that made us come into this house for the first time in 1990. The short path from the door to the staircase was enough to convince us that time may have worn its walls, but it had not managed to eliminate a single trace of its history and this embraced us in the form of an overwhelming sense of peace. Two years later, we decided to set out on what we now know is the greatest adventure of our lives: to restore the property and convert it into what is now Boutique Hotel San Roque.”

The Carayon Family.

We started to restore the building in 1992, and completed the work in 1996. The former 17th-century Casa de Ponte is now listed as an historic building, which is why we stringently respected the original architecture.

We restored this discreet, elegant old stately mansion with our hearts and the process gave us a glimpse into the historic past of Garachico, combining history and tradition with an innovative spirit by including a modern aesthetic.

Works of art

Every corner of the Boutique Hotel San Roque breathes art and tradition. The “Chasnera” Stone presides over the main courtyard under the attentive look of Miel Navarro’s “La Centinela” (The Sentinel), leading to the original pine wood staircase, where Carmen Calvo’s installation keeps watch over José Noguero’s work “El niño durmiente” (The Sleeping Child).

Unique works by prestigious Spanish artists that combine with the decor and furnishings of the avant-garde Bauhaus movement such as:

  • Joseff Hoffmann, Le Corbusier, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Eileen Gray, Isamu Noguchi, Mies van der Rohe, Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen, Gerrit Rietveld…

Furthermore, the corridors and courtyards also contain works of famous international artists, including:

Susi Gómez

Susy Gómez’s work, “San Roque”, is located in the reception, as you come in. Her ground-breaking work invites you to open up your mind to the future, boldly setting out what you will find in our Hotel: harmony with a perfect balance between past and present, giving the Boutique Hotel San Roque its unique personality.

Susy Gómez is a modern artist who was first noticed when she surprised everybody with her installation in the early-90s in the Joan Miró Space that catapulted her to selection as the Spanish representative to have a piece of work permanently on display in the gardens of the European Council Building in Brussels in 2002, when Spain held the presidency of the European Union.

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José Noguero

Jose Noguero’s sculpture “El niño durmiente” (Sleeping Child) is by the staircase leading to the rooms. This is a lovely, fragile sculpture that balances the large installation by Carmen Calvo, located in the same area.

Noguero is from Aragon and he started his career as a cabinet maker in the late 80s. His work is on display in the leading contemporary art galleries of Europe, such as the Reina Sofia, the CAC, in Malaga and the Greusslich Contemporary Museum in Berlín.

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Carmen Calvo

Carmen Calvo’s work entitled “La muerte de una estrella es un ojo“(The death of a star is an eye) covers the whole ceiling above the stairs leading to the bedrooms. It is an installation that gives off enormous power, in stark contrast with the fragility of José Noguero’s “Niño Durmiente”.

Carmen Calvo, who was awarded the National Graphic Arts Prize in 2013, is one of the leading representatives of modern art in Spain at the moment.

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Miquel Navarro

Mikel Navarro’s installation, “La Centinela” (The Sentinel), presides over the Hotel’s main courtyard. Fountain-sculpture forged in aluminium, this daring design is a work that does not leave anyone cold because, exercising the modernist counterpoint to the classic style of the Canary Island courtyard.

Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Miquel Navarro, works on the international market from his workshop in Mislata (Valencia). Basically, his work is based on large-format sculptures in metal, as we can see from his work “La Centinela” on display in the main courtyard of the hotel.

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Canary Island artists

Ildefonso Aguilar, Cristina Gámez, Emilia Martín Fierro, Manolo Cruz, Gonzalo González, Lola del Castillo, Lecuona & Hernandez and Miguel Ángel Pascual….are just some of the many Canary Island artists that fill the corridors, courtyards and rooms of the Hotel with their art.